Get involved with the Space for Cycling Big Ride  Space for Cycling campaign and how to support it


Space for Cycling Big Ride

Come and join the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) on Saturday 17th May for the Space for Cycling Big Ride. LCC want as many people out on the streets of London to call for safe space for cycling across the capital. The route is motor traffic-free and family friendly so it's suitable for all ages - as LCC think the streets of London should be for cycling.

Starting at Park Lane in central London, crowds will be gathering from 11am for a 12pm start. Cycle around the traffic free streets of London including Hyde Park Corner, Parliament Square, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. The ride will finish on Embankment for about 1pm for a rally, joined by guest speakers with the event ending at 2pm.


Boris Bike Locations


Zipcar Locations affected

As you can see from the map below there aren't a great deal of locations affected by the LCC's Big ride. Roads will be closed along the route of the cycle however so just make sure you plan your trip accordingly and find alternate routes.


How to get involved

If you want to get involved with Space for Cycling's Big Ride click here

If you'd rather not cycle but would still like to be involved, the LCC are calling for volunteers to help make this year's race even more successful. In 2012, 10,000 people took part in the Big Ride, which would not have been possible without the dedication and support of hundreds of volunteers who helped out on the day.

Hosting a cycling event of this magnitude costs the charity thousands of pounds. If you would like to support Space for Cycling, and make a real impact in the safety of cycling in your area, head to this page to make a donation.


Dressing for the occasion

The Big Ride is all about making an impact. Therefore participants are encouraged to wear bright colours, fun costumes, bring flags and banners, whistles and claxons! Do all that you can to be seen and heard, to make 2014's big ride a fantastic success.


Space for Cycling Campaign

The LCC is promoting the Space for Cycling campaign as part of its goal of improving the quality of life for all, by making local streets safe and inviting for everyone to cycle. The campaign has seen LCC identify local, high priority cycle improvements for each electoral ward in London which the organisation is calling on local candidates to support. These range from making sure there are safe cycle routes for a local named school to installing a physically protected cycle lane on a named major road.

The main six policy themes the LCC are campaigning for are:

Lowering vehicle speeds

Removing through motor traffic on minor/residential streets

Installing physically protected space for cycling on main roads

Opening up our green areas for cycling

Creating safe cycle routes to schools

Improving cycle access to London's town centers


Improving cycling where you live

If you've ever felt that cycling routes could be improved in your local area, head to the LCC space for cycling website. Enter your postcode to find out what is needed in your local area for safer cycling. Not only can you see what's needed, you can also take action! Just click the Take Action box and fill in the blanks to send an email to your local election candidates.

Get Involved - Local elections on the 22nd May are a crucial means of influencing the way your local streets are designed for safer walking and cycling. If you'd like to get more involved with space for cycling in your local area, the volunteer led LCC local groups organise campaigns, rides and social events in your neighbourhood. Find out more details here.





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