need a car in london? zipcar is the answer

Free Zipcar membership for all eligible employees from 24th February to 31st March 2015

zipcar via salary sacrifice
To coincide with this year's BakerBenefits annual enrolment, Zipcar is offering all Baker & McKenzie employees (who have not registered with Zipcar before) free trial membership, plus £10 driving credit.



24/7 access to the entire fleet, parked across London for business or personal use whenever and wherever you need. Find your nearest.


Reserve online, unlock with your Zipcard or mobile and drive like it's your own.


Fuel, Congestion Charge, insurance, and 60 free miles are included in our low hourly and daily rates.


Zipping around town, or escaping the city for the weekend, Zipcar has a vehicle to meet your every need.


*Offer open to new registrations only.

Please note that if you wish to take up the new Zipcar benefit through BakerBenefits, you will need to select this benefit during the annual benefit enrolment window.

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Join today for free, and get £10 driving credit*!

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How does it work?

Want to find out more about how Zipcar works? Just take a look at our 4 simple steps

4 simple steps

Any questions? email Charlotte to find out more

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