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2014 Audi A3 Specifics

fingerbrake Instead of a handbrake lever, the new Audi has a little electric handbrake button you can operate with one finger. Once you’ve got the car started just put your foot on the brake and push the handbrake button in the central console (where the handbrake lever would be). The light will turn off when it’s released. Put the car in gear and off you go. To put the handbrake back on, you’ve guessed it, put your foot on the brake again and pull the handbrake button up.

meet the fleet

drive select Change your Zipcar’s driving mode and handling capabilities by hitting the drive select button on the main console. Click it repeatedly to scroll through the modes (which will display on the dashboard): comfort, auto, dynamic, efficiency and individual. Tip: efficiency mode helps save fuel.


other gadgets and gizmos

·         Heat things your way with dual climate control

·         Media input in the central console to plug in your MP3 player

·         Control your tunes from the on-board computer (use the knob in the central console to navigate it)


A3 Basics

opening up Once you’ve swiped into the car with your Zipcard or the mobile app, use the keys during your reservation. We don’t really need to tell you, but press the open padlock button on the fob to unlock all the doors, and (surprise, surprise) press the locked padlock button to lock them all again. Remember – be sure to open the doors within 60 seconds of unlocking, else it will relock itself. You can also unlock the boot by pressing the central button for one second (the one with a car with an open boot). To release the key push the button in the top left hand corner. To open the bonnet use the lever found in the driver’s side footwell.


getting started To get the engine going push the clutch all the way down whilst turning the key in the ignition.


auto start/stop Audis are pretty smart, so to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions the engine will switch off automatically when the vehicle stops and is in neutral (for example when you’re stopped at traffic lights). To get going again, simply push down on the clutch. If for some reason you’d like to turn this function off, press the ‘A’ button above the radio; it will light up when auto start/stop is off.

meet the fleet


steering lock Trying to turn the ignition but it won’t turn fully or connect? You’ll probably find the steering wheel lock is on. To release, give the wheel a firm wiggle from side to side.


fuel it up Push on the fuel flap and it will spring open (but only if the doors are unlocked, it also won’t shut if the doors are locked). Turn the cap anti-clockwise to unscrew it. Be sure to double check which type of fuel your Zipcar drinks before filling up (you’ll find this on your booking confirmation and/or a sticker inside the fuel flap).

meet the fleet


for a rainy day You’ll find the wiper controls on the right hand side lever off the steering wheel. The symbols on the stalk indicate how to operate the different settings. Tip: if the front wipers aren’t working, check that the bonnet is shut properly. If the rear wipers aren’t working, then it may be that the boot isn’t closed properly.


moving the mirrors Adjust your wingmirrors using the electric joystick on the driver’s door (next to the window operating buttons).


disabling the front passenger airbag If you need to use a rear-facing child seat in the passenger seat you can disable the airbag in a few simple steps: with the ignition off, find the airbag switch inside the glove box, in the top left hand corner. Use the ignition key to turn it to the off position. When off there will be a warning light to indicate this. Remember to turn the airbag back on when you finish your reservation for the safety of the next member.


dimensions The boot space is roughly 83cm (D) x 90cm (W) x 62cm (H)


Got any more questions about the Audi A3? Check your handy co-pilot found in your Zipcar’s glove compartment or give our friendly Member Services team a call on 0333 240 9000. Go on take him for a spin today.


meet the fleet     meet the fleet

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