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As summer looms over the horizon it's time to grab your helmets, prepare your lycra, fill up your water bottle and dust of your velocipede* because the cycling season is about to kick off big time. Use these pages to

 See what events are affecting your local Zipcar locations

 Find out what races you can get involved with

 Learn more about the event organisers and their aims


Le Tour de FranceLondon to BrightonRide LondonWorld Naked Bike Ride

*Fancy way of saying bike.

Le Tour de France

This year we'll have the famous Tour De France coming to the UK. These elite cyclists from around the world will be hurtling round the countryside with their final stage coming from Cambridge down into the heart of London. Check out where the route goes through London, find out if your local Zipcar locations affected or just find out the best spots to see them fly by.


London to Brighton bike ride

The London to Brighton bike ride is back again this year with an additional Night Ride and off-road race. Our very own Zipcar UK team will be unleashing the pedal power and taking on the challenge. We'll be taking down a big ol' Zipvan to bring our bikes back so if you're doing the bike ride and want a free lift back for your wheels, let us know! Find out all you need to know about this years event, how to get involved and how it affects your local Zipcar location. 



Prudential Ride London & Surrey

Since the huge success of the games in 2012 we've seen interest in cycling really grow. A big part of the impact was the Prudential 'London - Surrey 100' bike race which follows the original games route . The route starts in London leading into the heart of beautiful Surrey along a 100 mile loop through towns, villages and stunning countryside. This event is your chance to get active and involved and have an opportunity to see Surrey and London in a unique way.

If a 100 mile loop around London and Surrey seems a little daunting then why not look at taking part in the Prudential Ride London Free Cycle. This is a fantastic opportunity to get the whole family together to experience the fun and freedom of cycling around a more managable eight mile traffic free circuit in central London. This massive event will cause a few road closures so make sure you're prepared. 







World naked bike ride

Not one for the easily flustered, this bike ride has one condition, ye get neked. We say condition, it's not essential but you may feel like the odd one out if you decide to hide your modesty! The World Naked Bike Ride is a protest against car culture and oil dependency, something close to our hearts as we look to reduce the amount of car ownership accross the globe. The WNBR not only protest against car dependancy but also celebrate the power and individuality of the human body, while at the same time underlining our bodies fragility and vulnerability. 






Road Closures

Don't be caught out by road closures! With so much cycling going on over the next few months in and around our cities we've made these pages to make it as easy as possible to plan ahead. If road closures are happening in your area, you could really be caught out so make sure you check out the event dates and see what's affecting you. Click on any of the events on the right hand side of this screen to see maps of expected road closures.



Get involved!

If you've got a bike and the balance to stay on it, get stuck in with these events! 

They're great fun and something the whole family can get involved in. Get a real sense of acheivment as you join thousands of fellow cyclists, getting together to raise money for charity, personal acheivment or just trying to make the UK a safer place for all cyclists.






Summer Cycling






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