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Learn about Zipcar membership rates and pick a car sharing plan that fits your lifestyle. Once you've joined, you can reserve cars by the hour or day. Rates will differ based on where you drive and the type of car you're driving.

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Zipcar Light


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Pas encore prêt pour le grand saut ?
Accédez tout de même à des voitures et utilitaires dès que vous en avez besoin.

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Zipcar Smart


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Pratique d'avoir Zipcar près de chez vous?
Accédez à des tarifs plus bas et économisez dès 2 heures de conduite par mois

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Zipcar Plus


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Impossible de vivre sans nous?
Accédez à nos tarifs les plus bas et économisez encore plus dès 10h de conduite par mois

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Included with every plan: fuel, insurance and up to [custom:odp_distance_included] free kilometers per day

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aucun frais annuels

Reservations include [custom:odp_distance_included] kilometers per day, additional kilometers from [custom:odp_distance_overage_rate] (0.39 EUR for premium vehicles and vans); varies by country; see details.


Disclaimer: in some cities you can reserve pay-per-mile cars with a lower hourly rate and pay per mileage as you go.

Insurance is included; a damage fee of up to 600 EUR may apply if you're involved in an accident with your Zipcar; see details.

To cover short-term changes in costs (fuel, parking, etc.), sometimes rates may change. So when you book a reservation, check the estimated cost. This will show you the current price (minus tolls, extra mileage or other incidental charges). Select holidays will reflect seasonal weekend rates. When reserving, check the price shown to see your actual reservation cost.

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