How Car Clubs Will Help More Londoners Drive Less


London is a global economic and cultural centre, one of the most connected and diverse cities on the planet and our Capital’s success is continuing to grow. However this very success raises its own challenges.  London’s roads are already under pressure, with safety, congestion and air quality issues.  With the population forecast to grow to by 14% in the next decade these pressures can only increase.

The Roads Task Force has fully recognised these challenges and has set out a blue print for London’s roads to reduce congestion and increase walking, cycling, and public transport. Car clubs are a key part of this solution, reducing congestion, pollution, and parking pressures to make the most efficient use of our road network.

London already has Europe’s largest car club market but there is an enormous potential for this industry to grow and deliver really significant benefits for Londoners.  London could lead the world in delivering smarter car lite living:

One Car club car effectively removes around 17* privately owned cars from the streets

Car club members drive 7 times fewer short journeys (less than 5 miles) than car owners do

Car club members tend not to commute by car or drive so much during rush hour – it simply does not make sense to pay for a car that is parked at the office all day

*Source: Carplus Annual Survey of Car Clubs 2013/14 (London), published after the Car Lite London report

Car club members make smarter choices about how they get around, by predominantly using public transport, cycling or walking; and only using the car occasionally for specific journeys, such as shopping trips with large loads and out of town visits to family and friends.

Car clubs as a mainstream feature of the London transport system will help move London to the vision of a more liveable city, with reduced pollution, less congestion, more cycling and walking and better public spaces.

We invite you to help support our mission to build a Car Lite London.

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