Malcom Fergusson's policy recommendations for a Car Lite London


It is still the case that awareness and understanding of car clubs remains low.  For the full potential of car clubs to be realised, to the benefit of all, London needs to set a clear strategy, which:

Integrates car clubs into the London transport mix and promotes them

All users of the transport system should be able to make smart transport choices about how they travel across London. Car clubs should be included in TFL’s ticketing, charging and information systems (e.g. Oyster, season tickets, open data).

Incentivises Londoners to switch from owning cars to sharing cars

A full behavioral change package, which positively encourages car sharing and car club adoption, e.g. financial incentives to “scrap your car”, receiving discounted season tickets, discounted/free car club membership, cycle hire etc...

Provides consistent best practice guidance and action across London

All Londoners – regardless of where they live – should have access to the optimal transport mix, including car clubs. Consistency is required, as to where and how car clubs are made available, e.g. appropriate provision of car club parking bays, clearer pedestrian-facing signage, proactive promotion and support, and new-build planning conditions, which integrate car clubs.


We invite you to learn more about car clubs and join our mission to transform London into a Car Lite City – setting an example for the rest of the world to follow.