A delicious protein shake from Scramble in London

At Zipcar, we’ve teamed up with a wide range of businesses as part of Zipcar for Business. From our own experience, we know that it takes a sheer amount of passion and determination required to start a new business, which is why we love working with local start-ups and getting to know the people behind them.

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Unlock London with the Zipcar App

Living in London teaches you to make the most of each and every sunny day, and that with the help of a smartphone and the app store, you can plan a day out at the touch of a button. So, when the sun made a rare appearance this week, a few of us in the Zipcar team knew we had to act fast. A day out of the office was cleared, and armed with just a smartphone, a camera, and a desire to be anywhere but indoors, we walked into the sunshine.

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The summer holidays are coming to an end and with that, comes the great British autumn weather but fear not, Zipcar and Love Home Swap have teamed up to banish the holiday blues.

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Running a business is expensive. For many companies, the costs involved in daily business operations can easily overtake the amount of profit being generated.

It now costs an average of £87 per square foot (just 30cm x 30cm) of office space in London, including rent, service charges and property taxes - findalondonoffice.co.uk

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The amount of time and money required to recruit a new member of staff in the corporate world is astounding. And it isn’t just the initial hire cost either – just like when you buy a new car; you have to take into account the many different expenses associated with hiring an employee. Not to mention the resources, such as experienced staff member’s time, which you’ll have to dedicate to training a new recruit.

Almost all businesses could do with cutting recruitment costs.

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Moving away from the dark days of winter and into sunny spring means it’s time to open the windows, let the fresh air in, and start cleaning!

But where do you start? How do you manage your time cleaning and still make the most of the sunshine?

Lucky for us, our friends, the home cleaners at Housekeep, have revealed their top spring-cleaning tips to help you clean like a professional:


1.        Clean each room systematically

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Thinking of raising money for one of your favourite charities in 2015? Well this year Zipcar have partnered with Nightrider™ to offer Zipcar members a 10% discount on their registration fee!

Nightrider™ is an overnight charity bike ride through London taking place on 6th to 7th June 2015. It's a truly unique way to explore the capital and raise money at the same time, and with Zipcar as a partner, we'll be cheering you on all the way.

Zipcar will be supporting the Nightrider logistics team and lightening the load for everyone involved.

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As much fun as sitting on the sofa watching repeats of Dad’s Army with Aunt Barbara is at Christmas, there are plenty of fun and festive places to zip to over the Christmas and New Year holidays. We’ve rounded up our top 5.

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At Zipcar we love small businesses, so ahead of this year’s Small Business Saturday on 6th December we wanted to take some time out to tell you all about one of our fantastic Zipcar for Business accounts, The Troubadour.


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"The Zipcar right outside our flat was booked during Monday's commute to work, and there was no going back – come the weekend, we were escaping this concrete jungle, seeking out fresh air, tranquillity and a oneness with nature."

Another weekend, another getaway in the Zipcar!  The poor Texan has been working like a dog lately, with late nights in the office on Fridays, and weekends ruined by endless meetings...

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