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add an additional driver and save on stress!

We all love driving, but driving with friends is always more fun. So why not add an additional driver to your account? Its only £29.75 for them to be added to your annual membership and that’s on a pro-rata basis, so no matter how long you have left on your membership they’ll only pay for what’s left. That works out at around £2.50 a month!

All you need to do is give your registered email address to your friend or family member and ask them to call 020 3004 7815 or email

We’ll give them their own log in details and Zipcard, ready for sharing the driving or making their own bookings. It’s as simple as that!

So don’t delay, add you mum, brother, sister, best friend, best friend’s friend, whoever you want – no more will you have to be the only driver, so you can sit back, put your feet up and man the stereo!

And if you’d rather they had their own account, don’t forget you can refer a friend and split £50 free driving credit to boot!


Additional drivers on an account cannot share Waivers with the main member, if they require waiver coverage they must purchase one individually. Only one payment card can be held on an account at any one time for all drivers on that account, these details can be changed by the main account holder at any time. Membership fees are charged to the payment card held.

add a driver to your account

Add an additional driver for a pro-rata rate of only £29.75


That's around £2.50 a month!


Step 1:


Give your registered email address to the person you wish to add


Step 2:


Ask them to email or call
020 3004 7815 and we'll add them on


Step 3:


You're all done, as easy as that!



The Benefits:

They can now book cars just like you can, with their own log in details and Zipcard. You can share the driving on any of your trips and now you can be the one requesting a pick-up! Get ready for days out, road trips and all the fun you can have with a set of wheels and an extra pair of hands.